As ARKHES Engineering, the services we offer in the field of energy is mainly in the hydroelectric energy area. Along with this, we provide service in the field of renewable energy under wind energy and geo-thermal energy plants and thermal energy plants as well.

We provide all sorts of engineering and consultancy services from planning stage to commissioning stage with our expert staff on computer-aided analyze and design for every kind of energy infra-structure.

Both the corporate founders in their previous works and as ARKHES, have worked on genuine projects and have created unique designs for every project worked on.

ARKHES Water Constructions Supervision Services Co. Ltd. was founded in compliance with the articles of the regulations put forth by the DSİ (General Management of Governmental Water-Works) on water constructions supervision services and was able to receive a authoritative supervision certificate from DSİ. Within this scope it is able to provide services of project and contruction supervision for all kinds of water constructions.

  • Project Supervision
  • Construction Supervision